About the Company

Interior Design Photo At Hysen Interior Design creating comfortable, livable, well designed spaces is the focus. Our approach to design comes from having a firm understanding of the space and its environment.

We always consider how the interior relates to the exterior influences such as light and color, surrounding nature, views and architecture. Understanding these influences allows the design process to happen naturally and without force. It teaches us the true relationship between ourselves and our surroundings. These exterior forces, when realized, can make a room feel alive.

An example of this would be how large the windows are, whether they open up and let the sun and breeze through, and whether you can see a glimpse of the landscape from them. The integration of structure, architecture and interior architecture plays an important role in creating live spaces. We are dedicated to using authentic, natural, high-end materials for finishes, built-ins and details which evoke a feeling of timelessness giving the space a soul.

Susie Hysen is the company's founder and lead designer. She draws inspiration from architecture, history, art and nature. Each project is tailored to the client and their individuality. She believes that communication and involvement by the client is important to the success of any project. Susie is passionate about design and the pursuit of many ideas, styles and expression. She loves to create warm and inviting spaces that have the right balance of luxury, functionality, and timeworn feeling.